Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Multi-Sensory Laboratory

I wanted to take a picture and show everyone where the children who are deafblind receive early intervention services in Italy. However, I realized all of that information is already on the website.  Johnson & Johnson funded the creation of this multi-sensory laboratory last year, and these are the first and only early intervention services provided specifically for children who are deafblind in Italy.

Side note: the organization just changed its name from Robert Wirth Fund Onlus to Centro Assistenza per Bambini Sordi e Sordociechi (CABSS).

Go to the link below and you will find a picture and an explanation of the multi-sensory laboratory.

It's a very exciting project and the first step in expanding early intervention services for kids who are deafblind in Italy! Deafblindness was not recognized as a unique disability in Italy until May of 2010, so this is very exciting that there is recognition of the specific needs of children with this unique disability. I am helping the team at CABSS develop a professional development course in the field of deafblindess, so that more teachers, teacher's assistants, speech therapists, etc. are knowledgeable about deafblindness. The program is looking for funding for this professional development course so they can bring in experts in the field from around the world. I have had one Skype conference so far with one of the presenters that is planning to come for the professional development course that starts in May 2012.

Today I am also starting a child-guided assessment on a few children who are deafblind. The assessment will give the team valuable information about their functional use of any residual vision and hearing they have, as well as their communication and problem solving skills.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

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  1. I can't stop commenting! I just have to say...I'm super proud of you. What you're doing is really important.