Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Sweet Hostel

Finding a an apartment in an unfamiliar city, where you barely speak the language, and you're on a small budget? About as hard as it sounds.

So, since January 4th, M & J Hostel has been home. I reserved a single room the first 2 nights so I could get some good sleep to cure my jet lag.

After 2 nights of getting good rest, and realizing it was going to take a good week or two to find an apartment, I moved to a cheaper room. It was an all girls room shared by 6.

This was fun for a few nights, having pillow talk (in Spanish) with Daniela from Chile and 2 girls from Brasil.

At this point I was a little frustrated with the apartment search. It was a national holiday (La Befana/Epiphany Day), so many of the people in Rome were out of town on vacation for a long weekend and unable to show their apartment. After talking to a few more people in the hostel I realized I could pay half of what I was paying to stay in the shared room for 6.

SO I switched into the guy/girl dorm room for 10.

This is when things got interesting.
And yes, I did snap a picture of people sleeping. I WASN'T sleeping because someone in that general direction was snoring very loudly, and one of the other guys kept waking him up and telling him to stop snoring, which was actually more disruptive than the snoring itself. Not to mention that anytime anyone rolls over you can hear it because there are plastic covers on the mattresses. Oh, and I was sleeping with socks on my hands because I was freezing.

I'm not complaining- because I LOVE hostels they are a blast. It's like an international slumber party every night- however, it puts a different spin on things when you're not on vacation- you're waking up to go to work in the morning.

Needless to say, I am very excited to announce that I move into an apartment TOMORROW! It's a 10 minute bus ride from where I work, in a calm residential neighborhood full of students and families. It's within my budget, and the best part is I will be living with two really sweet Italian girls who only speak a few words of English! I can't wait to REALLY learn Italian.

Here are a few more pictures of M & J Hostel, my first home in Rome.

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